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About Us

Zane Beadles

Our Founder

Zane Beadles runs into people for a living! He is a former offensive lineman for the  Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ersWhile playing for the University of Utah, Zane met Ryker, a 7-year-old boy who had terminal brain cancer. Ryker dreamed of growing up to become a professional football player. The team adopted him into the Utes family, invited him onto the field and into the locker room during the football season. Unfortunately, Ryker’s dream never came to be. Before he passed, Ryker asked to be buried in a team jersey. This had quite an effect on Zane. Shortly after being drafted to the Denver Broncos, Zane sought out ways to help support pediatric cancer patients, and he has been dedicated to giving back to the community ever since.

Zane believes that life is about the journey, not the destination – and he is dedicated to making the journey better for others.

Ryker with his Parents, Lori and Tom

Our Impact

Frequently totaling more than $1 million per child, the expenses associated with oncology care are devastating to a family’s financial wellbeing. Many families have been impoverished by their child’s disease. Often, a parent must stop working to care for their ailing child.  The average income of a typical family we support is $50k – that is if both parents are able to keep their jobs. The families we serve require a minimum hospital stay of 120 days and incur more than $10k in medical expenses. ZBPF’s goal is to raise funds to provide experiences and programming opportunities to which they would not otherwise have access while struggling through these unforeseen financial burdens.  Our hope is to provide mental respite and happy memories while they face these medical and financial hardships.


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