Zane Beadles Parade Foundation Sport Court to benefit Brent’s Place

The Zane Beadles Parade Foundation currently works with pediatric cancer patients and the families staying at Brent’s Place.  Brent’s Place is a leader in bone marrow transplant and long-term oncology housing and programming.  In addition, to a “Safe-Clean” environment for the patient, Brent’s Place provides a supportive and understanding community, giving valuable relief from the many physical, emotional and financial burdens that families face.  With the money we raise, we will support Brent’s Place in their plans to expand their safe-clean home.  This will allow Brent’s Place to house more pediatric cancer patients and their families in a safe-clean environment, free of charge.  To align with our mission to provide the Greatest Gifts, we will be building a sport court in Brent’s Place, too. The Sport Court is designed to provide children and their families an outdoor, recreational space with the opportunity to shoot hoops on a basketball court, play 4 square with their siblings and most importantly offer invaluable respite time to simply let a kid be a kid and play.  This will add immeasurable value to Brent’s Place, too by offering a unique space to foster shared experiences, fun, laughter, creative play, imaginary stories and life-long memories-all help relieve the separation and isolation families face when far away from home facing the most challenging days of their lives.