Join the Parade Partners Card team and make a difference in the lives of young people going through life-changing medical experiences.

Here’s HOW it works:

  • Purchase a Parade Partners Card for $60.
  • Call Partners Card hotline at 303.915.9017 or visit zanesparade.org.
  • Purchase from the Zane Beadles Parade Foundation website at http://www.zanesparade.org. or one of the card-selling stores listed in bold starting July 1, 2017.
  • Shop and enjoy a generous 20% discount offered to cardholders at more than 100 retail stores and restaurants from November 3 – November 12th. More than 100 retailers and restaurants will participate this year.
  • A portion of the proceeds raised goes to support the Zane Beadles Parade Foundation, to make a difference in the lives of young people going through life-changing medical experiences. The “Card” is an app on the Smart phone with an easy-to-use directory with a detailed listing of all retailers and restaurants by area and category. Paper cards will also be available to purchase at participating retailers and are designated on the Directory.


Proceeds from Parade Partners Card will sponsor the Sport Court at Brent’s Place, too:

Since it’s inception, ZBPF has worked with the pediatric cancer patients staying at the new Brent’s Place, too-the only Children’s Hospital approved Safe-Clean housing facility for long-term oncology and bone marrow transplant patients and their families. A portion of the proceeds raised from the Parade Partners Card will support the ZBPF Sports Court at Brent’s Place, too.  Our new sports court is designed to provide children and their families an outdoor recreational space with the opportunity to shoot hoops on a basketball court, play 4 square with their siblings and most importantly offer invaluable respite time to simply let a kids be a kid and play.  This will add immeasurable value to the new Brent’s Place, too by offering a unique space to foster shared experiences, fun, laughter, creative play, imaginary stories and life-long memories-all help relieve the separation and isolation families face when far away from home facing the most challenging days of their lives.


Volunteer Responsibilities:

As a Partners Card Volunteer (PCV), we ask that you do the following:

  • ZBPF emails contracts to previous participating retailers inviting them to participate/return. We ask them to turn in contracts back to the ZBPF by a set date to ensure they make the print deadline for the Partners Card and PC Directory.
  • PCVs are assigned a retail area (zone). Beginning in mid-April PCVs should start following up with area retailers who have not returned/filled out their contracts. It is important to reiterate the print deadlines.
  • PCVs should take inventory of the retail area. If there are new stores that would be a good fit for Parade Partners Card, they should call/email either the Co-Chairs or PCV Zone Chair. If determined a good fit ZBPF will send out a contract to the retailer/restaurant. The contract must be filled out and returned by the print deadline!
  • PCVs should visit their stores between now and Parade Partners Card at least once to introduce themselves to the manager and thank them for participating in the program.
  • It is mandatory for all PCVs to attend at least one PCV training.
  • In October the stores who have agreed to sell cards will receive their materials via delivery (cards/posters). Stores who would like a training should schedule a time with their PCV.
  • Once Partners Card ends, the PCVs final and most important responsibility is to collect all of the money and any unsold cards from their retailers and turn them back to ZBPF. There should be one money pickup/check in after the first five days and a FINAL pick up of money and any unsold cards after day ten.
  • This is a fun job! Many of you will be surprised how warmly you are received by your assigned retailers…they love Parade Partners Card! Have Fun and Thank you for participating!!!



For more information, please contact:

Julie Gart
Executive Director
Zane Beadles Parade Foundation