Zane Beadles Parade Foundation Fundraiser Project

IMG_1023My name is Andrew Walters and I am on the junior board for The Zane Beadles Foundation. As a junior board member, I was responsible for creating a fundraiser with the money going towards Brent’s Place. After I had put a lot of thought into what my idea for the fundraiser was going to be, I decided on working with my history teacher Mr. Weiss. Mr. Weiss and I decided to do a competition for all three of his tenth grade World History classes. We brought in a Fisher Price, little kids basketball hoop and we used a random class generator to choose one person at a time to go up and shoot two shots from a certain distance. You could place a bet on whether the person would either make or miss the shot. If you were incorrect with your bet, you owed the money you bet to the donation jar. Students could also make flat donations to the jar as well. At the end of the competition day, the class that raised the most money received Krispy Kreme donuts. As a whole, we raised $425 dollars (money will be recounted to double check before donation is made). I was very happy with how the fundraiser turned out, and I a extremely happy that the money will go towards helping Brent’s Place!