During the past year, ZBPF donated $25,000 to Brent’s Place allowing four families to stay there free of charge while their child underwent cancer treatments.  In addition to sponsoring families, ZBPF organized a number of fun, memorable activities for families at Brent’s Place.  Activities have included a Broncos Game, pancake breakfasts, taco dinners, a holiday party with Zanta Claus, a tour of Mile High Stadium and more.  These activities provided families with much needed distractions and allowed them to enjoy a fun activity together, even during this difficult time.

Due to the rising costs of health care only 4 percent of all federal cancer research funding is dedicated to childhood cancer research, families experience an immense about of pressure and stress with their child undergoes crucial medical treatments.  Countess studies and personal accounts have proven that exposure to positive, meaningful experiences during medical treatments and recovery can significantly improve a patients quality of life, lower their stress levels and increase their chances of a full and successful recovery.

ZBPF is driven by the belief that fun, positive experiences are an essential component of a patient’s health and wellness while undergoing stressful medical treatments.  We are confident that our services and the opportunities we provide are a valuable component to these brave patients recovery.

-Julie Gart, executive director of the Zane Beadles Parade Foundation

Denver, CO